Medical Corporation HOUEIKAI took over clinical trial operations from Sekino Research Institute Co., Ltd. established in 1989, since then has conducted clinical trials specializing in Phase I trials.

1954: Hisayuki SEKINO opened Sekino Clinic
1957: Opened Sekino Hospital
1988: Started clinical trial operations at Sekino Hospital
November 1989: Established Sekino Laboratory Co., Ltd. to specialize in clinical trials
April 1998: Established Sekino Clinical Pharmacology Clinic as a medical institution specializing in conducting clinical trials (phase I trials)
October 2001: Hisayuki SEKINO became the honorary director of Sekino Hospital, and Hisakuni SEKINO became the director of Sekino Hospital.
June 2004: Spun off the SMO division of Sekino Laboratory Co., Ltd. and established Sekino Site Net Co., Ltd.
August 2004: Established Medical Corporation HOUEIKAI and incorporated SEKINO Clinical Pharmacology Clinic. Hisakuni SEKINO became the Chairperson of Medical Corporation HOUEIKAI
October 2006: Transferred clinical trial operations of Sekino Laboratory Co., Ltd. to Medical Corporation HOUEIKAI
August 2016: Takashi NAKAMURA was appointed as Chairperson of Medical Corporation HOUEIKAI.

Organizational structure


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